Topping is the practice of pruning trees by indiscriminately cutting branches off the top or "crown" of the tree with no regard for tree health or structural consideration. This damages the tree.

An educated Arborist does not top trees. Instead, we prune them, which encourages growth, improves tree health, repairs damage and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the tree. The picture below is an example of two branches previously topped. Topping encouraged suckers to sprout out of the top of the two center branches. Suckers grow quickly, weaken the tree, and look bad.

stop topping trees 1200

Avoid Overhead Hazards

overhead hazardHazards from overhead are often overlooked until a tree branch comes crashing down on the house or car.  One reason trees fail is weak branch unions.

Professional arborists like Flynn's Tree Service can help homeowners identify these weak unions or epicormic branches and remove them before they do damage to property.